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The “rake” in poker is the cut the house takes off the table each hand as a % of the pot. Usually up to 10%. The “rakeback” is an amount of money from the rake the house will redistribute (rake-back) to loyal players in order to reward them and keep them playing.

Over the last 100 years or so the United States of America started increasingly taking a rake. America was founded on the simple premise that we are free people. That we are in charge of our own destiny. America was the one place in the world where each an every human being could arrive on our shores and be whoever they wanted to be, do whatever they wanted to do, and build whatever they wanted to build. So long as they did it themselves.

This was the deal, America was the one place on Earth without a rake.

Starting with Woodrow Wilson the script was flipped. The country that was founded on the basis of rejecting onerous taxes and regulations from distant powers was being transformed into one that has become defined by them.

The rugged individualism that built this country has been replaced by a theocracy of government, or at least someone else, solves all. This crippling mindset is the root of our problems. It is why we’re inhabiting an egregiously over-levered world. It’s why we’ve exported our jobs and why our citizens can’t fend for themselves. This mindset, the overexposure, and our cultural failures are a product of one thing - the rake.

The government-media-academia-corporation (GMA-C) class has built in a rake.

  • Politicians mortgage the future away in order to buy re-election

  • The media trade any semblance of truth or objectivity in exchange for access and power

  • Academia insularize themselves in order to quell dissent and monopolize the mint of credentialism

  • Corporations, why the dash? They are aren’t part of the house per se, they’re just investors. Convince the GMA to introduce regulations and actions that build sand castle moats around their empires. They aren’t evil, they’re just playing the game.

We’re at the table, living our lives and playing our hands. We never signed up for the rake and we’re loyal citizens, so it’s time to build the rakeback.

Capitalism. Anti-Federalism. Markets. Individualism. Companies. Liberty. Due Process. Strength. Truth. American. These are the qualities of the rakeback.

The purpose of this blog is not to simply whine about the problems in the world but to be the change we wish to see, as the saying goes.

We believe the pen is mightier than the sword. The democratization of the pen gives us the ability to not only defend against unscrupulous GMA misinformation but also to go on offense.

Join our cause, read our stuff, contribute to our community, and help us build the rakeback.

-Team RakeBack

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